Wednesday, September 9, 2015

060. | LUSH Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

I have had the LUSH Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser for several months, but have held off writing a review because I could not decide how I felt about the product. There were things I liked about it, and things I absolutely hated. I hoped to develop a firm opinion one way or the other, but that unfortunately never happened. However, I can explain the pros and cons, and let readers decide for themselves if this product is right for their skin. Read on for my mixed review!

Dark Angels is a solid that turns into a paste cleanser when mixed with warm water. It is a daily face wash, formulated with charcoal and black sugar intended to absorb excess oil and clear up blemishes. LUSH claims that Dark Angels is designed with sensitive skin in mind, thus it contains ingredients to soothe skin and reduce redness.

I'll start with the negatives, because they far outweigh the positives for my skin. First, I normally love skincare products containing charcoal. The ingredient is very detoxifying and works wonderfully at absorbing oil and getting rid of acne. However, Dark Angels contains so much charcoal, that it takes all of the natural oils out of my skin. As a consequence, my skin tries to compensate and over-produces oil, which leads to even more acne. After using this for a week and a half, my skin was so irritable and broken out (which is not normal for me). I took a break from it, and my skin cleared up immediately. I tried using it as a daily cleanser a few weeks later, and the same process began again. Another downside is that the charcoal scent is so fragrant and overwhelming. The product smells exactly like a burning bonfire.

Second, Dark Angels is extremely messy. It will turn your sink vanity into a charcoal grey, grainy disaster.  I recommend only using this in the shower. Even then, it may temporary stain your tub/shower floor. If you do not completely break down the product into a paste, large chunks of cleanser can get stuck in the drain. Also make sure no specks on the product get stuck in the hairline, something that happens to me quite often.

A final reason I'm not crazy about Dark Angels as a daily cleanser is that the exfoliant is too abrasive for day to day use. Rubbing this product on your face once or twice per day will irritate the skin and cause redness.

Even though I had multiple problems with Dark Angels, I wanted to find a way to make it work. So, instead of using it as a daily cleanser, I began using it once or twice per week in place of a face mask. Used as a treatment, Dark Angels works quite well. It keeps skin smooth and clear, and is not overly drying as long as it is followed up with an intense moisturizer. Dark Angels is a great alternative for those who do not like face mask treatments.

I wish I had a more definitive opinion on Dark Angels, but I neither love it nor hate it. To learn more about the product, stop in your local LUSH or check out the Dark Angels page on LUSH's website.


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  2. Thanks for this sincere review! I like that you found a way to make it work, but I can surely understand why the negative aspects are too big to be ignored.

    Natalia | Lindifique

  3. Thanks for your honesty!! I love Lush, so I enjoyed reading this post!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. This product sounds like a nightmare and it doesn't look to pleasant either!! Great honest review x

  5. Sounds to me like you're closer to 'hate' on a love/hate scale ha! Love this post, very informative. I will be steering clear of this product!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  6. Always love your honest reviews! Thanks for sharing the pros & cons of this product!

  7. oh wow, i was going to purchase this the other day as i love charcoal products too. didn't think there would be so much negatives >//<
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