Friday, July 24, 2015

051. | My Morning Skincare Routine: Summer 2015

I've talked about skincare quite a bit on my blog so far. It's one of my favorite aspects of beauty because clear, smooth skin is the key to making any makeup product look and wear beautifully. Today, instead of talking in-depth about one specific product, I'm giving you a glimpse into my every day morning skincare routine. Keep reading to learn more!

  • Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser: I love using this cleanser in the morning because it feels and smells fresh and invigorating. It contains small exfoliating beads that scrub off any dead skin that may have developed overnight. The GinZing Refreshing Scrub is best for giving bare skin a gentle wash, so I only use it in the morning. [Link to reviewLink to purchase]
  • Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum: I like this serum because it is lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly, so I can get on with my day. It brightens and minimizes the size of pores, and of course, prepares the skin for moisturizer. If you're in your 20's and don't have any major skin issues, I recommend checking out the Original Skin Serum. [Link to review | Link to purchase]
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture: In the summer, I always make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF. I know it's recommended to use SPF year round, but most of my favorite face creams just don't contain it. So when it starts getting warmer, I pick up a new day cream from the drugstore. This moisturizer feels and smells like a very lightweight suncreen. I'm not completely crazy about it, but it's a nice product and it gets the job done. Plus, it's very affordable! [Link to purchase]

  • Clinique All About Eyes: This is the newest addition to my skincare routine, and I am freaking obsessed. The Clinique All About Eyes is a gel-cream hybrid eye cream that is extremely comfortable and cooling on the skin. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and depuffs the skin surrounding the eye area. [Link to purchase]
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: The Fresh lip balms are my favorite high-end lip treatments. In the summer, I like to use this version, which is clear and contains SPF. This is a pricey product, but it is very effective in keeping lips hydrated and soft. [Link to purchase]


  1. Great post! I need to try that eye cream - my dark circles are so stubborn!

  2. I LOVE your blog girl! You inspired me!


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  3. I've heard so many good things about Fresh lip products! Lovely blog x

  4. Great post! I might give it a try!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. I'd love to try the GinZing cleanser, it sounds so good!
    Nati xx

  6. Such great skincare products.
    Love to know about this as you have a very nice skin :)

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  7. Great post dear!

  8. Awesome breakdown. I gotta get that lip one, they are always getting dehydrated! Thank you for sharing :)

    XO K